Medical Cabin Policy

Players can request to sleep in the assigned medical cabin for medical reasons. The location is pre-determined for each site to be out-of-the-way, to avoid unnecessary In Play actions. They will be designated Out Of Play areas, and will not be subjected to ANY in play interactions, including visiting NPCs, combat, late night content, and [...]

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Sportsmanship and Cheating

A LARP lives or dies by the honesty and integrity of its players. If you cheat, you violate both of these watchwords and damage the “fun factor” for everyone. As such, we are quite strict on those who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. Here is a general list of reminders, which cover some of the more [...]

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Non-Combat Policy

Players can classify themselves as a Non-Combatant by wearing an Orange Headband, and following these rules: If a Medic determines a player should be transitioned to Non-Combatant for medical reasons, Staff will enforce this decision for safety reasons. A player may not flip from Non-Combatant to Combat-Active for any reason during an event. Non-Combatants must [...]

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Children and Minors Policy

The allowance of any and all minors as participants of  Fractured will be considered on a case-by-case basis. At this time, we are not permitting the participation of minors at Fractured, as the content and themes are dark with more horror and fear elements. In the event that a minor is approved to participate, such [...]

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Combat and Safety

Knowing how to heft a shield, swing a sword, or shoot a bow will no doubt come in handy. Knowing how to do all of this safely, of course, is of primary importance.   Lightest Touch Fractured is a boffer LARP, meaning physical combat is acted out in real time, with combatants actually striking each [...]

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COVID Policy

Effective immediately, all participants in any FRACTURED LARP run events must show, or have previously shown, proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. Participants who are unwilling to present this information to a member of staff will not be allowed to participate in these events. While the initial presentation is intended to be a [...]

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COVID-19 2020 Response

As we all navigate these unprecedented times, it is becoming more obvious that a COVID-safe LARP experience is something that simply cannot be done in good conscience. While we love and miss all of you, we will always err on the side of caution and try to preserve a fun, safe environment.  We are [...]

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At Fractured, we value the feedback of our players after every game. That’s why we always offer an extra Character Point for a completed feedback form! We always want to know what you thought of the game, what you liked, and what you thought could have been better. In order to qualify for the [...]

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