What is ‘brownie’?2017-03-31T12:33:45+00:00

Brownie is a fake, strictly out-of-game currency. Players may earn brownie by completing a monster shift, being an NPC for a full game, donating items to plot, or other various tasks as pre-approved by a plot member. Brownie can be exchanged for a variety of benefits to the game itself, listed on the Brownie page under the Game Information menu.

What is a Monster Shift?2017-03-31T12:30:16+00:00

All players are required to ‘monster’ for three hours each three-day event. During this time, they will be asked to play the opponents the rest of the players fight, as well as other NPC (non player characters) that staff may ask them to be. All players should have a change of clothes into an all-black outfit to help with monster costuming. Players playing their first game are excluded from doing this.

As a thank you, all players who monster their full shift will receive one brownie.

What sort of costuming do I need?2017-03-31T12:24:13+00:00

Costuming is one of the best parts of LARPing, but also remember that you will be walking/running in this outfit for an entire weekend. Comfortable shoes are a must, as is dressing for the weather of the game. We highly suggest you ‘field test’ your costuming by running, jumping, and wearing it before the game. While an elaborate and expensive costume may look incredible, the reality of being in the woods all weekend can damage more fragile materials.

What do I bring to my first game?2017-03-31T12:20:08+00:00

Aside from your costuming, you should bring toiletries, bedding materials such as blankets, comforters, and pillows, and a set of all-black clothes to wear if you decide to do a monster shift. You may also want to bring bug spray, as many of the sites we use are surrounded by woods. If you are not paying for a meal plan, you will need to bring food for the entire weekend; please note that some of our sites are rather remote, so there may not be a convenient option for getting food off site.

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