What is Brownie?

Brownie is a term used to describe a strictly out-of-play currency used by Fractured. Brownie can be earned by completing a monster shift, playing as a full-time NPC over an entire game, donating pre-approved materials and supplies, assisting with load-out and packing for the games, and other approved tasks.

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What can I spend it on?

Currently, these are the exchanges for Brownie:

3 brownie = 1 extra downtime (bought at the end of the current event, limit one per game)

3 brownie = 1 CP (bought at the end of the current event, limit one per game)

10  brownie = $15 discount on one event (one per game)

15 brownie = 5 CP (once ever per character, added in after the first game as that character)

15 brownie = Downtime Suite (3 Actions) for a missed event


Where else could I spend it?

Currently, brownie from Fractured is accepted at Echoes for any of the above discounts. Brownie may be accepted from other games at their discretion.


Can I give my Brownie to another player, or spend my Brownie for them?

No, you are not able to spent your Brownie for discounts and exchanges for another player.


Who’s Brownie do you accept?

We currently accept brownie from Echoes for all of the above discounts. Brownie from other games may also be accepted for the extra CP and downtime options, but not the game cost discount. If you would like to submit brownie from another game, please contact us through the staff contact form to work out an arrangement.