Players can classify themselves as a Non-Combatant by wearing an Orange Headband, and following these rules:

  • If a Medic determines a player should be transitioned to Non-Combatant for medical reasons, Staff will enforce this decision for safety reasons.
  • A player may not flip from Non-Combatant to Combat-Active for any reason during an event.
  • Non-Combatants must attempt to travel with at least one combat active character when moving around on site.
  • Non-Combatants must wear an orange headband at all times, which must be visible from 360 degrees.
  • At night, Non-Combatant must wear an orange glow necklace that is clearly visible.
  • Non-Combatants may not engage in combat and must avoid any combat or potential combat by moving to a different location.
  • Non-Combatants may not be within 50 feet of active combat, even if concealed or hidden.
  • Monsters and combat-active NPCs are asked to avoid players in orange headbands. If attacking a party with a non-combatant, NPCs should allow the player opportunity to move away from the combat area. The player must leave the combat zone immediately. If the player does not, the NPCs should call a hold and summon a marshal.
  • Players with orange headbands may cast spells and effects as long as those effects and spells have no negative impact on hostile NPCs or monsters. This includes shit talking to instigate or heckle or overcompensate for you being unable to participate physically in combat. Don’t be a dick. Your character is not looking for a death wish.
  • Non-combatants may activate protective spells and call defenses against attacks so long as they are using these abilities to leave combat areas.
  • In the unlikely event a Non-combatant faces against a hostile NPC, the NPC will not engage in active combat. Instead, the NPC will point their weapon at the Non-combatant and say, “I Kill You.” This refers to the Non-combatant becoming Critical, such as “Mortal Blow.” No defenses may be called against this. The Non-combatant may be healed as normal.
  • Non-combatants should do their best to avoid walking around the site at night in locations where their headband/glow necklace may be less visible.
  • Marshals may always direct players in orange headbands to leave an area and have the right to restrict those players to specific areas of site — including their cabins. Marshals may also refuse to allow non-combatants to participate in encounters which are combat-intensive. 
  • Non-combatants is a privilege, and a Sportsmanship Warning will be issued should this policy be abused.


Note that non-combat restrictions are not superseded by being out of play. If a minor’s guardian is out of play and on site, they must still abide by the relevant portions of the non-combat rules (including glow necklaces at night.)