Players may start their character from any of the Home Worlds below. Choose carefully, as your Home World will determine how your character views the world more than anything else.

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Abyss of the Lost

An endless ocean of twilight and danger, where spirits of madness seek vengeance against those who dare to persevere.

The Academy Arcane

Eternal magic and ageless wizards, where secret societies lurk and classes never end …unless they end you first.

The Blighted Fen

A fable full of sadness and loss, the Fen is full of stories and secrets. Just make sure you don’t get lost forever before discovering them all.

The Great Library

Living books born of knowledge, magic, and restrictive topics traverse impossibly massive archives.

The Labyrinth of Dreams

Both dreams and nightmares become reality, sculpted by the innocent and guarded by the vigilant.

Peaks of Broken Divinity

In the shadow of great volcanos, neither faith nor science can save you from the abominations below.

The Nightmare Dominancy

Trapped in the protective city of monsters, humanity survives by avoiding the terrors in the darkness beyond.

Shogunate of the Death-Gods

With cold precision, the humans and Shinigami of the Shogunate carry out their somber duties towards a welcome death.

Winedark Seas

Upon an angry sea lit by a dying red sun, the few remaining heroes take to their ships to weave one last tale of adventure and freedom.

Settings Overview

World Makeup? Adv Fighting? Magic? Wink?
Abyss of the Lost Yes Yes Yes Yes
Academy Arcane No No Yes No
Blighted Fen Yes – Bogies Yes Yes Yes – Bogies
Great Library Yes FOIP Yes No
Labyrinth of Dreams No FOIP Yes No
Peaks of Broken Divinity Yes Yes Yes No
Nightmare Dominancy Yes – Quislings No Yes No
Shogunate of the Death-Gods Yes – Shinigami Yes Yes Yes – Shinigami
Winedark Seas No No No No