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Game 82: TBA

January 19-21 at Indian Springs State Park, Georgia

NPC Shift Sign Ups Available Two Weeks Before the Event for PreReg Players:
Let us know if you plan to NPC or bring a volunteer!

Check In Here NPC Shift Sign Ups Cabin Sign Ups Printable Cabin Notes

Event Tickets

2024 Season Pricing
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2023-2024 Season Pricing

Regular admission – $65
Brownie Discount admission – $50
New Player Discount admission – $50

One Day admission – $45
One Day Brownie Discount admission – $35
One Day New Player Discount admission – $35

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Tavern will be available in the 2024 Season, and sold separetely from event tickets. Forms, payment options, etc will be coming soon.

Registration Information

When registering for an event, don’t forget to list who you are and what game you are paying for in the comments! For mobile users, this feature isn’t available, so just shoot us a quick message if needed.

If you are paying with a Brownie discount, you must have the Brownie available at the beginning of the event.

We accept PayPal payments on site as well, but please be aware that not all site locations may have cell signal to complete this transaction.

Please do not add your name to a NPC Shift or Cabin sign up sheet unless you have pre-registered for that game. We will periodically check the names on these sheets for accuracy and remove those who are not pre-registered. You can always sign up at check in.

All payments and sheet reservations must be complete by midnight the Wednesday before the game begins (11:59 PM). After that, any changes or payments can be made on site during check in, including moving shifts that were previously signed up for. While we always accept PayPal payments even on site, please be aware that you will still need to wait until check in to reserve a cabin or shift if it is past this deadline.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Fractured LARP takes every step possible to provide a safe game environment. As such, we require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to attend any event. If you are planning on attending an event and have not provided proof yet, please make sure to do so before arriving, or to bring your vaccination card to the event. A clear, unaltered photograph of the card is also acceptable.

Player Hardship Fund

Our Player Hardship Fund is designed to give back to the community. Any funds donated will be used explicitly for payments towards events for players who are facing challenges.