Episode 62: Free at Last

A new year brings new challenges. As the Pillars ascend to their positions as gods of the new world, their effects on the Fracture begin to take shape. Subtle changes in the flow of magic produce unique effects, and strange plants and animals begin to appear in greater numbers. Led by the explorer Bella Lou, the survivors of Convergence venture into the wilds in search of a hidden civilization…and something far more sinister.

This is a standard 3-day Fractured event, taking place at FDR State Park in Georgia.

In 2020, Fractured will host two games at Georgia State Parks. Due to the significantly increased price of renting of these locations, these games will be priced accordingly. This cost has been factored into the season pass already!

Regular admission with food – $60

Discount admission with food – $50

Regular admission without food – $50

Discount admission without food – $40

Please note: these sites require a Georgia parking pass. These passes are required and vehicles found in violation WILL incur fines.