Game 77: The Conjuration of Tomek

Dear friend, won’t you join us for tea,
In a whimsical land, full of glee?
Where the cups are made of delicate lace,
And the tea flows at a leisurely pace.

We’ll gather at the table with care,
In our village square, so wondrous and fair,
With a spread of cakes and sandwiches too,
And all manner of treats, just for you.

There will be Jabbotts and rabbits to play,
As we while away the hours in a curious way,
With conversation both witty and bright,
As we soak up the magic of the night.

So please do come, dressed in your finest attire,
For this tea party promises to inspire,
A fanciful world where dreams come true,
And where anything is possible for me and you.

Yours sincerely,
Your curious host


Thursday: 2-7pm
Friday: 10-7pm
Saturday: 10-7pm
Sunday: 10-2pm

Thursday @ 2:30pm : Intro to LARP
Friday @ 8:30am : LARP vs Cosplay costuming
Saturday @ 10:00am : Boffer Construction Workshop
Saturday @ 11:30am : LARP 101 (I do not recognize the name of the host so do please raise your hand)
Sunday @ 11:30am: LARP: No Longer a Boy’s Club

Event: May 27 8pm at MomoCon, Georgia World Congress Center, Omni Ballroom
Purchase MomoCon Badge:

Come fall through a tear in reality to the Fracture.  The town of Convergence gathers tonight in celebration of another day, reflection on the horrors to overcome, and keep one eye open.  New players can stop by our booth to create a character or come to the event and play a pre-made one.  Check out our system online at

Booth Signups HERE

Game 78: Rains of Ash

June 24 at Picketts Mill Battlefield State Park, Georgia

Parking Passes will be included in event admission.


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2023 Season Pricing
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2023 Season Pricing

Regular admission with food – $80
Discount admission with food – $65
Regular admission without food – $65
Discount admission without food – $50

One Day admission – $45
One Day admission with food – $55

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