Chapter 5: General Skills discusses Explore tags in detail and how to resolve them.

Although Explore Tags are the most common type of Encounter Tags, there are others. Note that whatever type of ability an Encounter Tag lists as is prerequisite, it is still resolved just as an Explore Tag. Encounter Tags may sometimes be marked with a black diamond (♦). This means that anyone who wishes to accompany the primary character on the encounter must also have all the listed abilities on the tag: Black Diamond Tags are known as Exclusive Tags for this reason.

Tag Translation Notes
8 Explore 8 If a tag only lists a number, it is an Explore Tag
♦6 Exclusive, Explore 6 All who go on the encounter must have Explore 6
U Uncanny Requires Uncanny: Attuned Trait, level 1
V Vigilant Requires Vigilant: Perceptive Trait, level 2
M Medium Requires Medium: Empathic Trait, level 1


In Fractured, Characters that are under 75 CP do not ‘count’ for modules that restrict the number of participants, and characters over 300 CP count as two participants. This allows ‘younger’ characters the chance to interact with more content, and also helps prevent the same high-level characters from being picked to go on every module.

Do note, however, that some modules may have special requirements that this rule does not override. For instance, if a module requires all characters to have Survival 1 or above, even an under 75 CP character cannot go without the required skill.