Dead Worlds were once playable settings in the Fracture but have fallen and are no longer connected here. Dead Worlds cannot influence the game or have new arriving players. Its secrets are lost and its magic becomes unteachable. A player may not create a starting character from these worlds unless they have been a full-time NPC for six games in a row, at which point our staff will assist and approve their special concept.

The Four Monarchies

The first world to be consumed during the Modern Age, the Four Monarchies was a dystopian land split in half by constant war, and eventually overrun with the hordes of the undead. Though the world itself may be gone, the horrors it spawned still run free across the Fracture.

A World With No Shadow

Having found a way to disconnect their world from the malice of the Fracture, the citizens of the Alabaster Tribe enacted a powerful and irreversible ritual, sealing themselves and their Eye from intruding forces forever.

The Burning Pit

With the light abolished, the Great Evil created a pit. The Evil then cast down its rival’s favorite creations into the pool of liquid fire at the bottom. The Great Evil was never heard from again, but the Fallen—the corrupted minions of Evil’s once virtuous rival—were left to rule. And there were many of them in those times, twisted by the terrible sin that gestated inside them. They had to cast out some of that evil, so that it would not devour them from within.

Magnolia Archipelago

A post-apocalyptic world divided among three races, all experimented upon by deranged demigods claiming to advance the notion of Science. Though many of these victims of Science survived their world’s end, the shell of the Magnolia itself has been wholly absorbed into the Fracture…including the terrifying Doctors and their dark experiments.