Post-Event Forms

Complete these forms after each event:

Character Update – Complete this each event for your blanket 10 CP and let us know your expenditures.

Downtimes – Let us know what your character is doing in between events. Help with writing your downtimes can be found here.

Feedback – Let us know what you thought, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Earn 1 extra CP for 3+ sentences. Help with writing your Feedback can be found here.

New Character Forms

Submit your new character here. Also let us know your Tavern food preferences and allergies. We can’t wait to meet your new character in play!

Your new character sheet will be shared with you via Google Drive. Once your sheet has been created, check out your folder and update your character background there.

New characters can get a free respend after their first event. You can use this form to do that as well.

Brownie Database

Check out how much Brownie you have using our online database. If something needs updating, let us know!


A retirement is the point at which a player, through whatever means and events, will no longer play that character. Past retirements have included brave sacrifices and ascensions into untold power, but they can also include quiet retreats to the shadows, attainment of leadership, or simply moving to a new region. The important thing is that each retirement is a fun, satisfying conclusion to the story you’ve told with your character.

Fractured staff will work diligently to make sure each retirement is exciting, fulfilling, and overall impactful to the world around it. You’ve spent years living as your character, so you deserve for the final act to be just as powerful. As such, we ask that you let us know at least three games in advance before you wish to retire, so that we have time to plan something truly meaningful. When informing staff of your decision, please be sure to mention any retirement ideas you might have. However, we want to stress that these should be flexible, and the more specific an idea, the less likely it will be able to fit into the overall story.