Founded in 2012, Fractured has been providing our players with stand-out stories, immersive drama, and pulse-pounding action for 70+ games. Check out our online communities for up to date announcements, RP, character playlists, and more!

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Mission Statement

We at Fractured believe that the best part of our game is the players, and we will strive to make sure each one has an exciting and fulfilling time. We will always attempt to deliver the best experience possible, and listen to feedback in order to constantly improve and grow.

Despite the dark and violent themes of the game, Fractured is a safe place for people of all types. We will NEVER discriminate against someone based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor. The game world we create may echo real-life themes such as these, but they will never influence anything other than in-game cultures and interactions. Further, we keep a close eye on our usage of themes like this, to insure that every player is as comfortable as possible.

Due to the dark nature of our game, we encourage our players to let us know any real-life fears or situations that would cause them to become uncomfortable during the game. While we may not always be able to prevent every situation, we will do our best to alert those players when such a scene may be occurring soon. Also, we will always respect the wishes of any player who chooses to ‘tag out’ of a particular scene for those reasons.

Fractured will never use or allow the themes of rape, sexual assault, or other subjects along that line into the game. Players who wish to make this an integral part of their character’s history are required to receive explicit approval from Plot before doing so, which will only be granted under extreme scrutiny and vetting.

Finally, though we charge a fee for our games, this money is used exclusively to procure site reservations, materials and props, meals, and costuming to our NPCs and staff. No one at Fractured makes a profit from our players; we are in this for the love of the story, not to line our pockets.