2023 Subscriptions Coming Soon

2022 Subscriptions

It’s that time again! Subscriptions are now available for the 2022 Fractured season. We’ve worked hard to make sure these are the best values for our players! To subscribe, please use the button below to set up a subscription through Paypal for $30 a month, starting in January 2022. All subscriptions must have their first payment paid by January 15th, 2022 and must run the entire 12 months.

If you are subscribing on behalf of someone else, please be sure to put THEIR name in the Player’s Name box!

The 2022 Subscription Includes

  • Every 2022 Fractured game (six 3-day events and one 1-day event)
  • Food at all events
  • Early registration access for monster shifts and bed assignments FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR (forms will be posted one month before the first event)
  • Can submit downtimes for any game, even ones you miss!
  • One-time use, non-transferrable Monster Shift Skip token (expires January 1st 2023)
Player Name

2023 Season Pass Coming Soon

Due to player demand, we will once again allow a season pass purchase for 2022. This is a one-time purchase that grants the player everything listed under a normal subscription, but at an even more reduced rate!

The 2022 Season Pass is $340! You can make this one time Paypal payment to or use the button below.

Player Name

Subscription Value

2022 Season (six 3-day games, one 1-day game) with meal ticket at each event = $400

Season Pass = $340 (save $60!)

1 year (12 months) subscription at $30 a month = $360 (save $40!)

2022 Prices

Regular admission with food – $75
Discount admission with food – $60
Regular admission without food – $65
Discount admission without food – $50

One Day admission with food – $40

Please note: Georgia sites require a Georgia parking pass. These passes are required and vehicles found in violation WILL incur fines.

Georgia Parking Passes may be purchased on site for exact change only. Fractured LARP is not responsible for your parking pass and will not have change available.

Subscription FAQ

What if I move/quit/am unable to attend any more games?2017-12-22T21:33:47+00:00

We understand that life doesn’t always follow the plan, and we’d be very sorry to see you go! If you are a subscriber and need to cancel your subscription due to relocation, injury, life events, etc, please contact us through the Staff Contact Form. If you are a Season Pass holder, we will work with you to refund an appropriate amount.

Please note that once a subscription is canceled, we cannot ‘restart’ it. You are, of course, always welcome to play any Fractured game!

Will more games be announced?2019-11-04T19:22:31+00:00

There are some sites that require us to wait until closer to the actual game date. These games will be announced as they are secured and will not be included in the above pricing. At minimum, the 2020 season will feature five 3-day events, and one 1-day event.

What happens if a game gets canceled?2019-08-01T15:11:12+00:00

In the very unlikely event that a game is canceled, shifted to another year, or otherwise unable to happen, each subscriber will be refunded $24 per canceled game if the cancellation would result in an overpayment of funds (making the subscription/season pass more expensive than the games would have been by themselves). Season pass holders will receive a $21 refund.

Can I buy downtimes or CP if I miss a game?2022-07-29T08:39:02+00:00

Subscribers automatically get a full downtime suite after every game, even ones they miss. However, they cannot buy additional downtimes with brownie for a game they did not attend.┬áIf you didn’t subscribe, you can spend 15 Brownie and purchase a downtime suite on a missed event. Please contact us before the event to request your Downtime Suite.

Players will not receive any CP for an event they miss; allowing players to ‘pay to level up’ is something we feel doesn’t belong in a LARP setting.

Do missed games carry over?2017-12-22T21:05:51+00:00

No. Unfortunately, keeping up with this would be very difficult with 30+ subscribers. If you are not confident you will attend enough games to get the real value of a subscription, you can always pay at the door or through Paypal before an event!

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