At Fractured, we value the feedback of our players after every game. That’s why we always offer an extra Character Point for a completed feedback form! We always want to know what you thought of the game, what you liked, and what you thought could have been better.

In order to qualify for the extra CP, a feedback submission must meet these easy requirements:

1. 3 full sentences or more.
2. Not hateful, overly aggressive, or threatening towards any staff member OR player.
3. Actually about the game

We don’t mind getting negative feedback! If there were parts of the game you truly did not enjoy, the only way we’ll know is if you tell us. Just please remember that the content you didn’t like was created by another human being, and they did so for the purpose of entertaining you in some way. Constructive criticism, offering ideas, and generally being polite will always help us more than illogical internet yelling.

Below are several examples of feedback. See if you can figure out which ones will receive the extra CP, and which ones will not.

NOPE. This feedback is too short and doesn’t really give any sort of information.