At Fractured, we value the feedback of our players after every game. That’s why we always offer an extra Character Point for a completed feedback form! We always want to know what you thought of the game, what you liked, and what you thought could have been better. In order to qualify for the [...]

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Archery Rules

Bows, Crossbows, and Certification   Unlike many LARPS, Fractured allows the use of real bows and arrows in combat. However, due to the limitations of these items, as well as an increased safety risk if they are used improperly, we require every player that uses a bow to undergo a mandatory safety training [...]

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Weapon and Armor Guidlines

Here are the guidelines and dimensions for acceptable boffer weapons. Note that we reserve the right to accept or reject weapons for safety and/or aesthetic reasons. If you have an alternate construction technique beyond the standard (see Resources), you must allow us to examine and discuss it with you, before we will sign off on [...]

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Death and Dying

After 5 minutes of being Critical, after receiving a Killing Blow, or after Poison or Disease have run their course, a character will die. Upon death, a character’s “soul” will remain with their body for 5 minutes. After this final time period, their soul “moves on.” At this point, the player must leave a “Blood [...]

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Combat and Safety

Lightest Touch Fractured is a boffer LARP, meaning physical combat is acted out in real time, with combatants actually striking each other with padded weapons, running about, and throwing things. Because of this, combat safety is paramount. Fractured uses a “lightest touch” system for combat; both players and NPCs may only swing as hard as [...]

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Downtime Actions

At the end of every game, you can submit up to 3 downtime actions which describe what your character is doing between events. Certain abilities will grant you more than this, but for most folks the number is 3. Although many skills have obvious and explicit downtime applications, even characters lacking them can make [...]

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Encounter Tags and Modules

Although Explore Tags are the most common type of Encounter Tags, there are others. Note that whatever type of ability an Encounter Tag lists as is prerequisite, it is still resolved just as an Explore Tag. Encounter Tags may sometimes be marked with a black diamond (♦). This means that anyone who wishes to accompany [...]

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Many abilities and feats allow you to take plot-mediated looks at items, locations, or situations. The most prominent among these are feats of Learning and Perception. Some skills such as craft also grant abilities (Master’s Eye) that have similar effects. In order to use any of these abilities in such a way, the involved character [...]

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Common Taglines and Effects

Although Fractureds has a great many abilities and spell mechanics, most of them are “internal” and need not be learned by every player. However, there are quite a few taglines that players will run into, and knowing the rules behind them—even in a “quick and dirty” way—will make the game run more smoothly. Attacks and [...]

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