Players can request to sleep in the assigned medical cabin for medical reasons. The location is pre-determined for each site to be out-of-the-way, to avoid unnecessary In Play actions. They will be designated Out Of Play areas, and will not be subjected to ANY in play interactions, including visiting NPCs, combat, late night content, and cabin raids.


Please reach out to our staff for consultation. We reserve specific areas each event for any player that might need a specified sleeping area for medical needs. In the event of extenuating circumstances, the affected player can discuss options other than the pre-assigned cabin. Please note that this does not mean you will have an entire cabin to yourself, as we do not have the logistical space on site to arrange this.


Due to the nature of this arrangement, we will need a general idea of the medical condition. If something health-related happens, we need some general knowledge to know how to take immediate action, if needed. It doesn’t have to be specific, but we need to know something. All information is strictly confidential between the individual player, and Fractured Plot.

Requesting a Medical Cabin can be made by contacting us via our Staff Contact form, email at, or consulting with us on site if the situation arose the day of the event.