Shard Worlds are not yet connected to the Fracture, but still send forth elements. Unlike Dead Worlds, Shard Worlds can influence the game setting. However, they will not have new arriving players. Its secrets are lost and any magic is but a fragment of what it once was. These worlds represent strange and exciting expansions to the game, and a character from one of these is bound to be unique. Many Shard Worlds will have special Weapon or Skill buys ins, make up requirements, and provide a different background to come from.

Note: A player may not create a starting character from these worlds unless they have been a full-time NPC for six games in a row, at which point our staff will assist and approve their special concept.

The Adamantine Pass

Race: Human
Enormous mythical creatures abound sequestered by mountains in a colorful yet dangerous wilderness.
Contained within the vast mountain range of the Timbermites is an endless and colorful place full of magic and wonder.  The blue sun provides long days.  Four moons adorn the night sky, providing light in even the darkest and coldest of places. Vast untamed wildlands make up much of the world, both known and unknown, for the skies belong to the dragons, the seas to the colossal, the land to the gargantuan, and the underground to the monstrous.  Great and wondrous beasts can be found, but their size and deadly nature leaves them to be greatly feared.
The inhabitants’ numbers remain small, and are largely spread out throughout the lands.  Smaller numbers attract less attention from the great beasts, and so they go about their unindustrious lives.

The Desert Peninsula

Race: Yezilwane
Makeup: Reptilian markings an scales
There exists a world made of blasting sands and crystal waters, where the sun scorches the surface and the moon freezes blood. It is a world of extremes, harsh reality, and survivors. Two races dominate this land, expanding their domain over countless small islands through warfare. Though beautiful to behold, the Desert Peninsula is a world stained with centuries of warfare. The Yezilwane, a war-like reptile people, claim that of the two eggs, their ancestor was the first to emerge and touch ground, thus having a rightful claim to the world. The Ufudu, a stoic, terrapin race, claim that their egg was closest to the center of the landmass, and as such, was the most favored to inherit the world. With neither side ever willing to concede, the Archipelago has been bathed in war ever since.


Deep beneath the surface of a lush green world, entire cities have been hewn from rocks and moss. These cities are populated by those seen as unfit for civilized life on the surface: criminals, mutants, the infirm, or just those who challenged the Order of the Sky. Aligning themselves with the subterranean race of Neliphan, these survivors settle a new world…or seek to return to the old one with a vengeance.

The Fleet

Race: Human
In the cold expanse of endless space, a group of ships carry the final survivors of humankind to a pre-charted location: Paradise. Their journey spans generations, but recently, strange ghosts of ethereal blue have begun to appear, threatening the precious integrity of the hulls.

The Grand Isle

Race: Crystal Fairies
Makeup: Glitter and rhinestones
The Grand Isle is a bountiful whimsical land of wonder and connection wherein live the Crystal Fairies. The Jabbots, the Sirens, and the Chevalier live in the mountains, the sea, and the forest. They tend to the crystal animals of the world while fending off the advancements of the Sorrows, dark entities of shadows past seeking to consume all that glitters and shines.

The Harmonic Ascent



Race: Misc
Makeup: Red markings and prosthetics
Amid seas of blood and roads paved with the bones of children, dark castles pierce a constantly burning sky. Hateworld was once a pinnacle of cooperation and peace, with a multitude of races working and living within their own kingdoms, guided by a wise Council of Men. Now there is only one king, the Hated King, who sits atop a throne of skulls, constantly searching for new lands to raze.

The Nursery of Infantile Tyranny

Race: Plaything
Makeup: Toy makeup or Mask
Playthings are daily taken from the chest, forced to enact twisted and disturbed plays for the entertainment of the Young Mistress.  Each night they are placed back in their prison. Some are broken apart and reassembled to each other, as befitting their role and station. Others merely break over time from use.  When a Plaything is no longer wanted, it is Lost in the Dusty Trench;  a dark forest of clinging moss and terrifying creatures–or worse, abandoned in the Verdant Sea and left to fall through the cracks of time.

Wave of the Setting Sun

Race: Sahaguin
Makeup: Blue gills and scales
In the great oceans of the Fracture that most of the mortal inhabitants never see live a race of aquatic humanoids known as the Sahagin.  Several groups of them exist, and their culture is quite complex, though most of the air-breathing “landwalkers” would never know that great cities lie on the ocean floor in the dark and icy water.