This is an archive of the past Fractured game artwork and event descriptions. As each event comcludes, we will archive the overviews here.

This is a work in progress!

2023 Game Season

Game 76: The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail

April 14 – 16 at Harrison Bay State Park

carry me away
the air is heavy with war
how can the gods breathe

The feud between the Chosen Exiles and the Order of the Sanctified goes back generations.

The Sanctified leaders are building a demon army to annihilate the Exiles while the Exiles turn any roaming demons back toward the Sanctified. The Sanctified, facing tactical assault by incorporeal demons, bind them into their army and send them in large groups back towards the Exiles. The Exiles, staring down the waves of demons, free them and send them back towards the Sanctified. Any demon casualties within the feud are sent back to the karmic wheel as duty requires.

In the Fracture, both clans have suffered heavy losses over the years, and many of their skilled warriors have already fallen in battle. Recently, the Order of the Sanctified made a bold move, assassinating the Chosen Exiles chief strategist, hoping to deal a decisive blow to their enemies’ leadership. The Exiles responded by setting fire to a Sanctified village, killing many innocent civilians in the process. The Sanctified were outraged and they vowed revenge. The escalating tensions between the two clans have become a cycle of violence and revenge, fueled by long-standing grudges and deep-seated mistrust. It seems that only true acts of courage and compassion could break the cycle and bring peace to the warring clans, less they annihilate themselves.