Fractured allows characters of all sorts of concepts to exist within the game, from stalwart warriors to sly diplomats. The type of character you play is entirely up to you, as our system does not force you into a ‘class’ structure. Instead, each character has access to all of the available skills and traits, with some discounts being available based on the Prime World you select.

Character creation is a very easy process that can be broken down into five steps.

Please note: Fractured is a 18+ game. While we understand that many younger larpers may be able to handle the mature themes and visceral props used in our game, for the safety and comfort of both our players and staff, we require new players show a valid ID (state id, passport, school id) with their date of birth before their first game.

The first step of creating a LARP character is deciding how you want to play, not just what you want to play. Think about your experience with other RPG systems (Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, etc). Do you prefer the sneaky archer or a powerful fire mage? A frenzied warrior wielding twin swords, or a tenacious defender with shield and mace? Or maybe combat isn’t your drive at all, and you’d rather be an enthralling performer, a learned scholar, or a silver-tounged diplomat? Our systems allows for hundreds of possible combinations, so your character can be as unique as you want.

An important thing about LARPing, and probably the biggest difference between it and other RPG game systems, is that LARPing requires you to actually carry out the actions of your character. Thus, a certain amount of introspection is required when creating a character concept. If you are not comfortable with the idea of physically fighting someone with weapons, then spending points for combat skills may not be as useful to you. If you’re not at all interested in involving yourself with scholarly research and development, buying Scholarship or Learned will probably not be as much fun for you during a game. And if you hate walking through the woods and exploring nature, Survival may be a bad choice! Figuring out how you want to play is more important than who you are going to play, so take some time for this step!

While we do not impose any sort of morality on your character, please understand that Fractured is a Player VS Enemy game, and PVP is generally discouraged unless in controlled areas (for example, warrior tournaments). Thus, playing a character who would traditionally be classified as Evil is not advised. That isn’t to say your character can’t have layers to their personality and dark spots in their past, but playing an Evil character will automatically oppose you to many of the other players, and will likely be a very unfulfilling experience.

As an additional note, some races require makeup or prosthetics. Please note that we are very strict on enforcing these requirements, as they add a level of detail and immersion to our game.

In Fractured, each player character (PC) hails from a Origin World. These worlds are all different, and have unique bonuses, skill discounts, and requirements. Your Prime World will not only shape your character’s skills, but their attitudes and viewpoint on the world as well. You should select a Origin World that sounds interesting to you as a baseline for your personal story, and one that has a theme/aesthetic that appeals to you. Any type of person can come from any Origin World, but certain types of characters are more common in certain worlds (alchemists from the Nightmare Dominancy, occultists from the Academy Arcane, etc)

Once you’ve picked your prime world, be sure to note any discounts/special abilities you automatically gain, as well as any makeup or costume requirements.

You can view a list of current Origin Worlds here.

Each new character starts with three traits automatically. Traits represent inherent strengths in your character, whether it be their natural agility, raw power, or indomitable will. Many skills receive synergy bonuses if that character also has a matching trait, so it’s smart to do this step and step 4 at the same time.

Traits can be raised in level, just as skills. However, a character is allowed to buy a fourth trait once ever, at a cost of 20 CP. This fourth trait cannot be raised past level one.

If you are unhappy with your skills/traits, you will be given the chance to completely rebuild your character after your first game. Additionally, there are in-game ways to shift traits and skills, but these are very rare and generally come at a high cost.

You can view a list of traits here.

Each new character in Fractured starts with 30 CP, or Character Points, which can be spent on skills and magic during character generation. Your Prime World may allow you to buy some skills at a discount, so please be sure to check those out! Skills start off inexpensive to learn, but true mastery will require dedication. However, even the first level of a skill can prove invaluable during the game; after all, the best healer is always the closest one!

If you are unhappy with your skills/traits, you will be given the chance to completely rebuild your character after your first game. Additionally, there are in-game ways to shift traits and skills, but these are very rare and generally come at a high cost.

General Skills

Combat Skills

This is where the real character building begins. You may already have ideas for a backstory, or, you may know nothing but a name and the numbers you assembled above. If you’re a seasoned character creator, this section is probably less useful to you, but simple do’s and don’ts are worth remembering for players of any experience level.

DO Read The Packet – Each Prime World has a full packet available, loaded with world history, character examples, lore, and more. Before creating your character, read the packet and make sure that your idea fits within the world’s lore. For instance, characters in the Nightmare Dominancy have all lived in the same city for generations, locked under a protective magic dome, so writing a history that involves seafaring hijinks and expansive travel wouldn’t be appropriate (or everyone will just assume your character is a liar). If you have a question on whether or not your concept would be appropriate to play, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to help.

DO Write Yourself Some Hooks – While you are totally allowed to turn in a character history without any conflict or hanging threads, making sure to leave a few in might surprise you as you play the game. Think about any of the past actions your character might have done that could result in their history coming back around. Jilted lovers, rivals long-thought dead, any of these make exciting hooks that we, as plot, can use to develop your character’s personal storyline.

DON’T Write a novel full of adventure and conquest – Though your character can be any age (and in some cases no age at all) they should be at the beginning of their adventuring life when first arrive to play. Thus, concepts that involve your character being a great leader, elder magicians, or other similar ‘end game’ ideas should be avoided.