The allowance of any and all minors as participants of  Fractured will be considered on a case-by-case basis. At this time, we are not permitting the participation of minors at Fractured, as the content and themes are dark with more horror and fear elements.

In the event that a minor is approved to participate, such as for convention events, they must follow the guidelines outlined below. We require that any minor, and his/her guardian who wishes to attend, contact us prior to their first event to discuss the minor’s participation in the game. Any minor who arrives at a Fractured event without first completing this crucial step will be asked to leave site and will not be allowed to attend an event until this criteria is met. No exceptions.

If we learn that a particular player is under 18 years of age and has not complied with our Children & Minors Policy, they will be asked to leave site immediately and will be banned from returning until they are 18. They will also be subject to a sportsmanship warning, which will count against them in regard to disciplinary action, should they return when they are legally an adult.

All minors at Fractured events must be accompanied by a legitimate guardian. This guardian must be over the age of 18 and preferably the parent/sibling of the minor. Other adults are allowed to act as a minor’s guardian but only after the minor’s parent(s) have spoken to staff and confirmed that said adult is allowed to serve as the minor’s guardian for the purposes of the game.

Because a large number of minors requires extra vigilance on the part of Fractured staff, we are limiting the number of any minors allowed to participate in the game to 3 at one time. Please note that this does not mean there are 3 slots per event; it means there are 3 slots period. If all 3 slots are considered filled, and a particular minor has not played in more than a year, that slot will once again become available. If a minor who has previously played returns, after a year, to find all 3 slots filled, he/she must wait for another slot to open before he/she will be allowed to resume play. It goes without saying that, should a minor turn 18 during the course of the season, he/she will no longer be considered a minor and will no longer be subject to the policy.

Minors ages 15 and up must have a guardian on site at all times, but are allowed to participate in combat, once they have completed a staff-administered safety course. As with any player of Fractured, a minor’s ability to participate in combat may be revoked at any time. Minors ages 15 and up may still be denied participation in any encounter staff deems too mature for their age.