A LARP lives or dies by the honesty and integrity of its players. If you cheat, you violate both of these watchwords and damage the “fun factor” for everyone. As such, we are quite strict on those who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct. Here is a general list of reminders, which cover some of the more obvious sportsmanship issues. If you remember these, you will most likely have no issues with the staff, and, frankly, your enjoyment of the game will increase:

1. Take your hits:
we know combat can get a little confusing sometimes, but you should make every effort to take hits given to you. If someone thinks you are not taking hits, then they will likely not take yours, and everyone’s immersion suffers. NPCs err on the side of taking attacks, and if players do the same, combat runs a lot more smoothly.

2. Slow down:
Fractured is not a speed game; “machine-gunning” or “drum-rolling” attacks are strictly forbidden, for safety, balance, and aesthetic reasons. The rule is 1 attack per second, period.

3. Do your rituals:
Although rituals force a bit of game balance upon magic, their primary purpose is to make people who want to be magical, feel magical. Simply put, if you don’t want to do rituals, don’t play a character with magic. You’ll be more immersed if you do them, in any case.

4. Be Generous:
If someone says you are not taking your hits, not calling your verbals correctly, or striking too fast or too hard, acknowledge it. Even if they are mistaken, nothing is gained by having an out of play argument in the middle of battle! Trust us, if someone “cries wolf” too much, we will come down on them just as hard.

5. Stay in Character:
From game on to game off, you should be in character unless you have a very good reason not to be. Keep out of play asides and out-of-character talk to an absolute minimum. If other players are doing it, try and guide them back into game. Everyone will thank you for it.



The following are the steps taken as disciplinary measures for combat and general safety issues, which must be our primary concern. Cheating and unsportsmanlike conduct will be treated in a similar fashion, with a similar amount of escalating consequences.

Step 1) If a member of Staff or other players see you fighting unsafely or being generally unsafe, you will be given an Informal Warning.

Step 2) If you continue to be unsafe, you will be pulled from that combat or scene and you will get an Official Warning.

Step 3) If you have an Official Warning, and you get called out again for unsafe behavior, you will be asked to go non-combat for the remainder of the event.

Step 4) Any further infractions will result in you being asked to leave the event and you will incur a suspension for a number of games. Extreme infractions warrant a permanent ban.

Note that Official Warnings are long-standing, and Fractured shares a banned list with its Sister LARPs. If you have one from a previous event, it is still in place at future events, until such time as the staff deems it prudent to remove it.