There is a place where dreams dwell and nightmares roam. Deep underground, where the sun can’t reach, the only light is the muted glow that emanates from the paths themselves. The land is a dizzying array of twisting corridors with towering walls, constantly shifting. A person could travel forever through the Labyrinth and he or she might never cross the exact same path twice. The young ones always ask, just how big is this land? No one quite knows for sure and to climb the walls is a fool’s errand. The closest means of measurement is attempting to travel from the Center to the Far Reaches. This is, of course, more easily said than done. The corridors can be perilous, and nightmares (or riches) may await around any given corner. With all of this danger, surely there has to be a safe place for the people of this world. Yes, it exists, and it is wondrous. 

There is a place both connected to, but not entirely of, this world. Separated from the Labyrinth proper by a metaphysical barrier known as the Veil, is the Dream. Imagine a world of infinite potential filled with people who are constantly trying to tap into it. Distance and time are mercurial here. It is here that the people of the Labyrinth, well, most of them anyway, transcend their lives underground and revel in sheer possibility in its most basic form. In this four times divided land the landscape is equal parts, strange, mutable, and amazing. The structures that fill its endless terrain range from small stone cottages to elegant manors made of light and stardust. It is in this place that the alien mixes with the mundane. The only limits here are in the imaginations of the populace. 

To live in the Labyrinth is to surrender yourself to possibility. All, save a few, are inherently connected to the Dream and gain a unique perspective on what defines reality and how trifling limited thinking can be. Those that are cut off, the Earthbound, gain a different sort of perspective. They understand that things are not all light and rainbows. For every dream there is a nightmare lurking in the shadows. They are two sides of the same coin. Stagnation is death. One must keep fighting and moving less they surrender to darkness and despair.

The Labyrinth of Dreams is a shared world with the Forest of Doors, however, those that arrive in the Fracture should do so by far more dire means. Generally, Earthbound–and sometimes an occasional Dreamer–who wander too far by themselves in the Far Reaches may find themselves underneath an entirely different set of stars. Dreamers may also awake suddenly from a nightmare, only to find themselves not in the protection of the Earthbound.

Magic School: Hymns of Mother Night

The packet color for the Hymns of Mother Night is lavender.

Makeup or Costuming Requirements


Earthbound fashion sense consists of sensible clothing cobbled together from sturdy but comfortable fabrics and possibly leather. The colors they wear are more subdued and practical. This is not necessarily out of inability to create otherwise. From an Earthbound’s perspective it is just safer to wear sensible things and there are better things to do than make elaborate clothing that would be terrible to run in if you got attacked. Survival is important, no piece of clothing is worth impairing one’s ability to react if beings of the Dream decide to liven things up with their appearance. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum lies the fashion choices of Dreamers. They very much value form over function. It’s all well and good to make something that does the job, but if it doesn’t catch the eye or seem interesting then what’s the point? Rich, vibrant colors are always in style, as are metals and gems. The most eccentric have even been known to drape themselves in attire made of unorthodox materials. Things like a gown comprised of shadow and spider web or armor made of solid ice are not out of the realm of possibilities. Creativity and imagination are the life­blood of the Dream and it is a fact clearly seen in anything that Dreamers create. Why wouldn’t their wardrobe included in that?

Racial Advantages

Adventurers from the Labyrinth of Dreams receive a 5 point discount on Survival and Performance. Earthbound from this world are prohibited from purchasing the Attuned trait, while Dreamers are required to purchase it. Additionally, both receive a discount of 5 CP for the Hymns of Mother Night school of magic.