Who We Are

KaeliPlot Member
Kaeli takes great pleasure in stories that leave a lasting impression. This is not always a dagger in the back. Go on, try the chili. We promise it’s tasty.
Priscilla likes crafting and making all sorts of things from weapons to armor to costuming. She also enjoys gaming and likes cats.
ShanaPlot Member
Shana enjoys crafting, creating interconnections and having fun. As a few people can attest, she has a deft hand at cooking (though chili is not her preferred dish, BTW!).
BrianPlot Member
Brian is a long time larper that enjoys outdoor activities. He enjoys challenging himself and others when larping and running content at game.
EnidPlot Member
Enid is a musical wizard that loves counting the stars both in and out of play.
JoshPlot Member
Josh has been LARPing for the better part of the last 20 years and previously served as a staff member for Forest of Doors. He loves squirrels, video games, and horror movies.