Traits are natural attributes which gift your character with various special abilities; every character gets three traits of their choosing during character creation. Each trait has a number of “times per day” activated abilities, as well as passive abilities that are always in effect. The traits are split into three groups, with three traits in each group, and are listed below.  

Like Skills, Traits may be increased by spending Character Points, but while Skills  increase gradually in cost (5x current level), Traits become quite expensive, quite quickly (15x current level). At higher levels, however, Traits grant extremely powerful, character-defining abilities. 

Although characters may increase their traits freely with no theoretical upward limits, they may not readily purchase new traits. The only exception to this rule is that a character may, once and once only, buy level 1 in a single Trait of their choice. This Bonus Trait costs 20 CP and may never be increased beyond level 1; it represents a character dedicating themselves to development in an area in which they have no native talent. We recommend that players wait a while to buy this trait, as it is a significant step in your character’s development and cannot be undone. 

Physical Traits
Strong Power and explosive speed
Tough Health, endurance, and physical resistance
Agile Dexterity, balance, and grace


Mental Traits
Learned Knowledge, insight, and understanding
Perceptive Awareness, intuition, and quick thinking
Willful Resolve, control, and sense of self


Spiritual Traits
Attuned Magical resonance and sensitivity
Empathic Emotional and spiritual connection
Charismatic Personal magnetism, presence, and charm