As we all navigate these unprecedented times, it is becoming more obvious that a COVID-safe LARP experience is something that simply cannot be done in good conscience. While we love and miss all of you, we will always err on the side of caution and try to preserve a fun, safe environment. 

We are going to cancel all of our remaining 2020 game dates at this time. This decision was not reached lightly, but as we have said, our first concern is always the safety of our players, volunteers, and staff. LARPing is inherently a social gathering and unfortunately, those are where the biggest danger lies, especially to those in our community who would be considered at-risk.

For our subscribers and season pass holders, we’d like to offer two options. First, if you would like to continue your subscription/pass as normal for the 2020 year, you will receive 4 game vouchers in your name. These vouchers can be redeemed at ANY future Fractured game for free entry, regardless of price or date, and can also be given to others. Second, if you would like to cancel your subscription/season pass, you will receive a refund equal to the amount you have ‘overpaid’ for this year. We ask for your patience as we process these requests.

Please utilize the below form, even if you are letting your subscription continue. If you are opting to cancel your subscription, this must be done through your PayPal account. (Instructions on how to cancel a recurring payment)

Does this mean no Fractured content for the year? Of course not! We’re hard at work planning more experiences for you all, as we all need a little escape from the real world these days. So stay tuned and keep your heads up; we’ll all get through this together, and our 2021 season will be the best yet!