Dead Schools of Magic

This page is for informational purposes only, as these worlds have been consumed entirely by the Fracture. As such, these magic schools are unable to be taught or learned in play. A player may not create a starting character from these worlds or with these magic schools until they have been a full-time NPC for [...]

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Torpor of the Unfathomable Void

Origin World: Abyss of the Lost Packet Color: Royal Blue The Torpor calls upon the six planes of the Heavens and the six planes of the Underworlds within the Abyss, the physical realm obviously lying between the two.  Practitioners innately feel a closeness to the Sunyé, and are more aware of the call of the [...]

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Hymns of Mother Night

Hymns of Mother Night Homeworld: The Labyrinth of Dreams   Spells   Name   Type Before the Thought, the Hand doth Move Alone Instant (special) Great Weaver, Hear my Prayer for Blessed Sleep Readied (packet) Her Sheltering Hand Night Terrors Circumscribe Instant (caster) The Seat of Wonder, Innocence, and Sin Instant (special) Comfort’s Cousin, In Infant Arms Adored [...]

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The Weirding Words and Hermetic Superstitions

Homeworld: The Nightmare Dominancy   Farys’s Wild Cruelty Instant Beast of Teeth Guarin’s Shameless Excess Instant Beast of Smoke Ultima’s Absolute Contempt Ward Beast of Mirrors Merle’s Withering Gaze Readied (Touch) Beast of Eyes Gulliston’s Dreadful Verdict Readied (Packet) Beast of Knives Cahier’s Poisonous Regard Instant (Touch or Caster) Beast of Bones A Light to [...]

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Annotations of the Great Index

Origin World: The Great Library: Restricted Section Packet color: Colorless   Spells   Name   Type The Foundations of Rhetoric Readied (special) The Essentials of Mathematics Readied (special) The Requisites of History Readied (special) The Disciplines of Naturalism Readied (special) The Revelations of Beauty Readied (special) The Intricacies of Design Readied (special) The Principles of Expression Readied [...]

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Way of Anniliation

Spells Ghost Heart Blade Type - Instant (caster) Requirements The caster must hold onto the blade at all times, or the spell ends. Casting Verbal "I know the secret of the Ghost-Heart Blade, child of the (Mastery)-fold emptiness within me; at the touch of its edge, my enemies fall to darkness." Description The caster summons [...]

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Swamp Mojo

Packet Color (GREEN) Root-world: The Blighted Fen Spells  Names          Type   Alligator's Big Teeth  Instant (touch)  Spider's Nasty Web  Circle  Possum's Smelly Fur  Instant (caster)  Cottonmouth's Poison Spit  Instant (packet)  Armadillo's Secret Burrow  Readied (touch)  Snappy-Turtle's Stubborn Way  Instant (caster)  Swamp Rat's Silly Lie  Instant (caster)  Crayfish's Angry Pinch  Readied (packet)  Moth's Fine Cloak [...]

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Fruits of the Fallen

Packet Color (red) Root world: The Burning Pit   Spells Name Type Vil's Robe of Flayed Saints Instant (caster or touch) Ororgorolestes' Blade of Murdered Innocents Instant (caster or touch) Ikashrezziliflip's Banquet of Cloying Rot Instant (special) Cacotrope's Tears of Molten Strife Instant (packet or touch) Valafar's Cinders of Immolated Pride Readied (touch) Biforis' Shell [...]

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Emanations of the Eye

Packet Color: White  Root world: A World With No Shadow Spells  Names Types   Aurelic Pattern Dissolution  Profusion: Ward  Exigent-Function Articulation  Profusion: Readied (touch)  Denial-Assertion Valence  Profusion: Readied (packet or special)  Reified Epistemic Lens  Profusion: Circle  Transfinite Paradox Reduction  Revelation: Instant (special)  Obdurate Resonance Incarnation  Revelation: Instant (touch)  Volition-Suspending Demiurge  Revelation: Instant (special)  Symbolic-Heuristic Occultation  Revelation: [...]

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