Will more games be announced?

There are some sites that require us to wait until closer to the actual game date in order to book. Or sometimes we might want to throw in an extra War Day or Social event. These games will be announced as they are secured and will not be included in the above pricing. Generally speaking, [...]

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What happens if a game gets canceled?

COVID has changed a lot of things, including this likelihood. In the very unlikely event that a game is canceled, shifted to another year, or otherwise unable to happen, we will recalculate the total cost and issue a refund accordingly to each Season Pass holder and Subscriber.

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Can I buy downtimes or CP if I miss a game?

Season Pass holders and Subscribers automatically get a full Downtime Suite after every game, even ones they miss, without having to spend Brownie. This is for 3 regular downtime actions. However, they cannot buy additional downtimes with Brownie for a game they did not attend. If you didn't subscribe, you can spend 15 Brownie and [...]

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Do missed games carry over?

No. Unfortunately, keeping up with this would be very difficult with 30+ subscribers. If you are not confident you will attend enough games to get the real value of a subscription, you can always pay at the door or through PayPal before an event!

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