How do I submit my downtimes?

There is a Post-Event form on our website used for all feedback, downtime actions, and character point expenditures. Remember that when filling out your downtimes you can double (or triple) up on one action for greater effect, or you can make three completely separate actions. Certain things are the province of specific skills, however. Learning [...]

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What is Gatespeak and how does it work?

All characters, upon entering Fractured, find their speech transformed into Gatespeak. It is difficult to speak (but not write) in foreign languages in the Fractured as the curious nature of the place asserts itself. Furthermore, all characters in the Fractured are literate in Gatespeak and can read it as well as write it; all text [...]

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What items must be represented by a prop (phys-rep)?

Alchemical items aside from liquids and tablets, Vestigecraft items, Weapons, Armor, Traps, Healer’s Kits, Tinker’s Tools, and miscellaneous tagged items such as jewelry, tools, and other crafted items must be represented by props. There are a few tagged items that do not require props, however. For instance, tagged commodities such as lumber, iron, and gold [...]

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Can I sell things at the game (for real money)?

Yes, with some stipulations. The staff must be informed prior to any event at which you wish to sell. The materials you are selling must be in some way related to the game (costume, weapons, props, etc). Selling or displaying wares is prohibited while the game is actually going on, so it is restricted to [...]

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