I have submitted a character and joined the Discord Server but I don’t have access to the world-specific areas.

Introduce yourself on the out of play chat on the Discord Server. Include your character name and what setting you are playing from. However, we often don’t update these until a character sheet has been submitted, so we will probably check the Discord server when we build your character sheet.

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How does my character come into game?

Usually, characters enter the game at the moment they come through a gate… in whatever state they entered the Fracture according to their back story. Events held at places other than state parks (like MomoCon, etc.) might require a different way to introduce your character if it is your first event. If you have a [...]

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I have a costume/prop/character concept in mind but it isn’t historically accurate. Is it still allowed in game?

Fractured is –not- historical reenactment. We have fairies and goblins and magic and whatnot. While we sprinkle historical details in game for flavor, this is not a game about historical accuracy. Players should not feel compelled to adhere to any semblance of accuracy to anything except the settings as written. The Nightmare Dominancy is not [...]

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