Can I use a bow in Fractured?

Yes. All bows must have a 30 pound pull or less, with all crossbows limited to a 25 pound pull or less. Like nearly all weapons in Fractured, your character can use a bow without purchasing the Bow skill. However, archery is unique in that players must be certified annually by the LARP staff or [...]

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Do you allow latex weapons?

We do not give blanket acceptance to any class of weapons or any manufacturer, and we inspect every weapon every game. Latex weapons are often problematic for a number of reasons, though, and are most often rejected for not having a two inch thrusting tip, for being too hard, or for allowing the core to [...]

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I don’t have the armor phys-rep I plan on using, but I don’t want to have to hunt down better armor in game. Can I begin the game with an item tag for higher level armor than I am currently wearing?

You may not begin the game with a higher point tag, but if you upgrade your armor out of game (and we approve its new rating), you can exchange your old tag for a new one during check in, paying the cost difference in Twists. We understand the difficulty in crafting armor phys-reps, so we [...]

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What sort of costuming do I need?

Costuming is one of the best parts of LARPing, but also remember that you will be walking/running in this outfit for an entire weekend. Comfortable shoes are a must, as is dressing for the weather of the game. We highly suggest you 'field test' your costuming by running, jumping, and wearing it before the game. [...]

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