How do I get items off of monsters?

You should closely approach the downed monster and say “Searching.” The monster’s player will likely give you any items the monster had. If your character has the “Harvest Game” ability from the Survival Skill, you can also call “Harvest Game” to see if there are any valuable parts of the creature that can be salvaged. [...]

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How do I learn advanced weapon style?

Like magical schools, fighting styles must be taught by someone who already knows them, with both student and teacher spending a downtime action for this purpose. More than that, however, Advanced styles can ONLY be taught by someone who has completely mastered the school itself, achieving level 6 in it. The character must also meet [...]

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Do the Advanced Weapon Styles require that you use the weapon configuration for that style?

Absolutely yes. Advanced Styles require that the character use only the weapon (or weapon and shield) configuration listed. This means that Scholar’s Sword style is not compatible with a shield. Likewise, Noble Paladin only works with a War Mace and a Small Shield; A hammer or sword is insufficient, and if the Paladin has their [...]

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