What You’ll Need

  • A device with internet access – we HIGHLY suggest a laptop, desktop, or powerful tablet. Phone experiences may be very different due to their screen size and capabilities.

  • Headphones – Please utilize headphones to cut down on the amount of feedback and echo.

  • A quiet location to play – background noise such as televisions, radio, children, and pets can interrupt a session for everyone on that channel. Please attempt to reduce the amount of noise around you!

  • Optional – A Webcam. While a webcam will not be required, we highly encourage our players to dress up and role-play!

Getting Started

There are a few things you’ll need for a Fractured Online Experience. To get set up, just follow this handy guide! We highly recommend running through these steps at least a day before the game, so you have plenty of time to troubleshoot.

  • Create a free discord account: https://discord.com

  • Log into the Fractured Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Yp6r7sX

  • Turn on Noise Suppression in Discord. You can do this by entering a voice channel (such as Convergence Tavern) and then clicking the Noise Suppression icon just above your name.

  • Test your audio in one of the in-play channels. Please do this before the day of a game!

During the Game

OOP: Please use the OOP chat rooms for OOP discussions. You can also DM each other OOP questions.  DMs are not considered In Play. There will be multiple public rooms available if you wish to have a more discrete conversation with fellow players.

Marshals: If a Plot Member is In Play as their character their video screen will be on.  They are considered In Play.  If a Plot Member is a Marshal, they will be present, but without video.  If you need a marshal, please check for these members first.

Investigations:  If you would like to do an investigation on something, like always, please make sure you have your group of three ready. Then leave a message with all of the participant names and the topic of the investigation in the #investigation channel. Once they ready, the Marshal will pull you three into a locked chat room for the duration of the investigation.

Conduct: Fractured Online Events are rated 18+ for violence, language, and horror. As we will be using Discord’s services, absolutely NO nudity or adult content will be allowed. It’ll be a race to see whether they ban you before we do!

Additional Software

A Fractured Online Experience may use a variety of platforms to tell an exciting story. While these are all browser-based, you may want to test functionality if you will be attending via a mobile device.

Foundry Digital Tabletop