Dead Schools of Magic

This page is for informational purposes only, as these worlds have been consumed entirely by the Fracture. As such, these magic schools are unable to be taught or learned in play. A player may not create a starting character from these worlds or with these magic schools until they have been a full-time NPC for [...]

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Torpor of the Unfathomable Void

Origin World: Abyss of the Lost Packet Color: Royal Blue The Torpor calls upon the six planes of the Heavens and the six planes of the Underworlds within the Abyss, the physical realm obviously lying between the two.  Practitioners innately feel a closeness to the Sunyé, and are more aware of the call of the [...]

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COVID Policy

Effective immediately, all participants in any FRACTURED LARP run events must show, or have previously shown, proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 virus. Participants who are unwilling to present this information to a member of staff will not be allowed to participate in these events. While the initial presentation is intended to be a [...]

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COVID-19 2020 Response

As we all navigate these unprecedented times, it is becoming more obvious that a COVID-safe LARP experience is something that simply cannot be done in good conscience. While we love and miss all of you, we will always err on the side of caution and try to preserve a fun, safe environment.  We are [...]

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