Forest of Doors / Fractured Character Transfers

As we share a multiverse with the Forest of Doors, elements of one game may appear in another. As such, characters may also be transferred between the two games with the following caveats.

  • The player must attend as a full time NPC for 6 full events at the game that they wish to transfer into.
  • Upon transfer, the character will be unable to return to their ‘home’ game unless they repeat this process.
  • When transferring into Fractured: the character’s base CP is reset to 30, though this may be increased by the usual brownie or retirement CP methods. They may also bring ONE item with them from the previous game; this is subject to very strict plot approval, and powerful items will likely be denied. This item is meant more as an memory tie to a previous life, not a way to ‘smuggle’ in a high-powered tool.
  • A newly transferred character will have memories of their previous life, but these should not be entirely accurate or reliable. While it is up to the player to roleplay this hazy past, the reasons for this are entirely Find Out In Play, and make a good research target. Please, DO NOT go for the Wizard of Oz approach of ‘and you were there’ to players that attend both games.
  • Finally, although a character may start off with their native magic, they will be unable to teach it unless that school exists in the Fracture as well. This does not prevent them from purchasing levels or performing greater workings of that school.