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Its the spookiest month of the year, with the spookiest LARP in town!


Jeannette Archambeau, Mistress of Zol, Philanthropist of the Arts, Renown Collector of Artifacts, Patron to the Scholars of the New Athenaeum of Zol, child of the late Mr. and Ms. Archambeau,
Arthur Thornwood, Master Alchemist, child of Mr. and Ms. Thornwood,

request the honor of your presence
at the celebration of the glorious return of our beloved Harmonia,
at the unity of the Quislings and the Heretics into the Seventh District,
and at their wedding
on the Eighth day of the Tenth Moon,
at eleven o’clock in the evening
The Town Center of Convergence
Reception & dancing to follow
Formal dress must include proper footware and breeches